Jasper's the name and dealings my game. If you're looking for a friendly hand to hold, you've got the wrong guy. I'm not going to bullshit you, and I'm honest as fuck. You piss me off and you'll be crying.

Strictly Business | Jasper and Amelia

Ever since booking Amelia the first time, Jasper couldn’t help but think about all the exciting things he could show her and teach her the next time he had a chance. There was something so thrilling about someone new and eager to learn things most of the girls feared or didn’t enjoy. Jasper barely had any actual work tonight, just signing a few dotted lines and he was done, but it made it all a better reason to book Amelia for the night, and show her a good time. He didn’t plan on being as selfish this time, just showing her a few new things. There was a coil of thin rope in his desk drawer, along with a few sets of clamps and a vibrator, things he planned on using on her tonight. He’d left it unlocked, sitting at his desk, expecting her soon. He was definitely getting hard thinking about her laying naked on his desk, helpless and squirming.

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